Reflections from the OnAgile Virtual Conference

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This year I attended the OnAgile Virtual Conference. And by 'attended' I mean I logged into the site that hosted the virtual conference and watched the sessions on demand a couple weeks after the event actually took place. I've been watching at a comfortable pace for myself, a few sessions in a sitting. I've also watched sessions that took place simultaneously. There are pros and cons to the virtual world. Watching all the sessions I'm interested in on my own time regardless of session collisions -- definitely a plus.

In an effort to better digest what I hear, I take notes. In an attempt to organize my thoughts, I write. So these are some of my notes, thoughts, and reflections from the OnAgile Virtual Conference.

You Can't be Agile When You're Waist Deep in Mud!

Presented by Martin Fowler and Rachel Laycock, this keynote emphasized following technical practices to ensure that you can really stay agile. This presentation was more of a summary of practices, rather than a deep exploration of any one of them. Here are some of the highlights:

Functional Programming: Technical Reasons to Adapt

by Venkat Subramaniam

Imperative code is code written focusing on HOW to accomplish something. Declarative code is code written focusing on WHAT is being accomplished.

Functional programming languages can take advantage of memoization - remembering a call and not recomputing for an identical call.

Compiler can automatically reorder functional calls. Can also automatically run code concurrently.

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