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Remote: Office Not Required

I've been wanting to work remotely for years and now I finally am! I'm really excited to be working remotely from home. In preparation for my first stab at full-time remote work, I read what might be the most popular book on working remotely: Remote.

I have heard rave reviews from my colleagues about this book over the years, so I had high expectations. Unfortunately, I was a bit disappointed in the depth of the book - it seemed to me that the authors only skimmed the surface on each topic that they covered. Perhaps my perspective is just a reflection of the fact that for several years I've been talking to people who have previously worked remotely or are currently working remotely. Because I've already heard so much about the pros and cons of working remotely, this book in the end did not contain much new information for me. A fair amount of the book was spent making the case for remote work, so perhaps that was another part of the reason why I didn't get the depth I was expecting.

Despite there not being much new information for me, there is a lot of good information. I think it's worthwhile to capture the ideas that are presented. There are details about each of these ideas in the book. A page number is listed in brackets for each point.

Remote Work Basics

Common Concerns with Remote Work

There are a number of common concerns that people have with working remotely. Here are a few points to think about:

Making Remote Work Succeed

Advantages of Remote Work

Ideas for Hiring a Remote Employee

Ideas for Managers

Companies that Embrace Remote Work

This is a list of companies that have whole-heartedly embraced working remotely. Some of these companies are mentioned in the book, but this list of companies is not provided in the book. It is a highly related topic so I figured I would include the list here.

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